Coliving Cocktail #4


Happy Friday! This week was packed with interesting updates. My personal favorites: the launch of the Coliving Bible and my article on "co-living vs. coliving", which got pretty decent amount of engagement. I also hosted the first #colivingmeetup in Bali, and now it's time to head to Europe to start my coliving world tour. Oh, and we got some pretty cool coliving news too - let's dig into it.


A Voice for Legal Change in London
Legal issues are big for coliving developers. Among others, coliving struggles with classification - neither being student-rental-accommodation nor having a clear social-value status, or being in between residential and commercial. As James Wallman calls out another problem: “Why is it we think it’s acceptable for students to live in 12-square metre homes, but the next year when their studies are finished, they cannot live in less than 37-square-metres?” Read more here.

Real Estate 5.0
Two weeks ago, I covered how Forbes described the coliving 2.0 model - namely, coliving for a more established audience with wider private spaces. This new article differentiates between two more concepts: real estate 4.0, which is the “smart living” movement, and real estate 5.0, which will be the “connected living” movement. Social connection is finally becoming a key focus of developers.

New Architecture Ideas for Coliving
Dezeen X MINI Living illustrated a new concept that could replace demolished sections of housing estates with adaptable coliving units. While the idea is great, it’s worth mentioning how big players like MINI (by BMW) have been getting involved into the coliving scene, especially with their Shanghai coliving project. Others like AirBnb launched their own design studio to create new ways of housing. And we’re about to expect other players to follow.

Coworking In Exchange of Shared Living
A startup is currently annoying San Francisco authorities: Cobo. In short, freelances can use homes of private individuals (such as kitchens or living rooms) for $10 per day to cowork. In collaboration with coliving spaces, that could be a great way to get more community in. The best part - Cobo did the old door-to-door flyer approach, and literally put them in every mailbox of the Mission district. And it worked pretty well.


"Coliving" or "co-living" - what to use? (read here)
Most media outlets spell it co-living. But why? It made no sense to me. Looking 8 years back, co-working was changed to coworking by AP after coworking operators complained about the hyphen. So I thought, let's start the conversation now. What do you think?

The Coliving Bible (see here)
The biggest Coliving Diaries initiative so far (after the Coliving Cocktail newsletter). I published my spreadsheet of 500+ coliving players and made it open source (read why here). Use it for your own research or outreach!

2019 Coliving Design Agencies (read here)
We've been witnessing how some architects and designers have been focussing on coliving. Especially, on how spaces can foster more connection in day-to-day life and managing the harmony between private and public space. If you're looking for an agencies or curious about their design, that's a read!


Society's TED Talk
"The sharing economy isn't new, we just forgot about it for a while." Society is a UK developer focussing on large-scale coliving that fosters human connection. This is a must watch - in my opinion, one of the most forward-thinking real estate company in 2019.

Mobile Homes - by John Oliver
This is a bit out of the coliving sector, yet one of the most interesting real state insights I've found this week. In short, John depicts how mobile homes is a growing industry - especially when 1/3 of dwellers own their homes but not the land beneath it. What it leads to? Land rental went up 60% in the last few years, making it impossible for many to continue living in their own house - and having no alternative option than to leave it.

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Happy Friday!
- Gui

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