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by GUI PERDRIX · Oct 10, 2019

Greetings from Serbia!

After hosting three Coliving Meetups in London, Amsterdam and Paris, I'm now writing you from the CCCSEE conference in Belgrade. This week's Cocktail includes some new sections, including several blogposts on Coliving Diaries and upcoming coliving retreats. Enjoy!


Bryce Willem from Cutwork Studio analyses ten key instrumental points and ideas on the shared living movement, from external drivers to how we respond to them. A must for any thought leader in the "co" movement.

Yoav Goldwein interviewed Ed Thomas from The Collective. In this piece, you will learn about community curations, problems that The Collective experienced and major learnings that were drawn from those.

Margaret Manning from Sixty and Me conducted a survey to a hundred baby boomers on their desires for coliving spaces. This article shares the results and key findings from each coliving operators can build upon.


On Coliving and Co-Ownership - Keren Flawell wrote an amazing article on how co-ownership is currently being explored in the coliving scene. My assumption: it will take years for coliving spaces to offer any type of co-ownership, mostly due to legal challenges, but it will be crucial to develop long-stay coliving space (Medium).

Emerging Trends in RE Report - This article summarizes PwC's 2020 real estate report. Key highlights: employers are seeking workforce housing and prompting city officials to change zoning laws, extreme heat will adversely impact real estate investments, and we are witnessing the rise of "hipsturbs" (Forbes).

Richard Branson Enters Coliving - Virgin Hotels is coming to Miami and is going to offer 15 floors filled with micro-living and coliving facilities. The remaining 25 floors will be operated as a short-term hotel. This validates one current trend of hybrid models, or as Class of 2020 would call it: "the future is blended" (Miami Herald).

Thesis on Coliving Communities - Rachel Osborne wrote her 2018 thesis on best practices for urban coliving communities. The report is worth reading especially if you want to better understand the history of coliving and what four major operators provide (read here).

Common Raising $1bn - Co-living investor Six Peak Capital has tapped Cushman & Wakefield to raise $1 billion in debt and equity to fund Common's US expansion. With a current pipeline of 16,000 beds (yes!), the company now joins Quarters and Life X in the billion-dollar game (REW Online).

Coliving Meets Human Needs - Gabriel Voto started a several piece long publication on how coliving can meet Max Neef's Fundamental Human Needs. Read the post, especially as it brings more elaboration and complexity towards the standard Maslow hierarchy of needs (Medium).

WeLive won't Live in Israel - No surprise, the We company stopped any plans of pursuing their Israel location. Since its start, WeLive has not grown beyond two spaces and converted towards short-term stays (Globes).

Single Mums Living In 'Mommunes' - With 15 million single mothers in the United States alone, there is a big demand of communal living for this audience. This article explores how the movement is currently being managed on a grass-root level (BBC).

OYO Worth $10bn - The Indian hotel startup OYO reached a new peak in terms of evaluation. Originally being an aggregator of hotels with exclusive renting rights, the company is now leasing, operating and diversifying its assets, coliving included (CNN).

Core Spaces Enters Coliving - The student housing provider Core Spaces received approval to develop a coliving space in Tempe, Arizona. Another trend: the graduation of student housing to professional coliving (State Press).

Governmeent Desire Coliving - The West Bengal government (India) is planning to set up “co-living places” through a joint venture in Kolkata to offer affordable and shared housing facilities to young IT professionals and entrepreneurs. This is one of the first top-down desires to create coliving to attract talent (Financial Express).

NYC Chooses Coliving Developers - After the Shared NYC initiative, NYC chose three developers to pilot a new affordable housing program (REW Online).

Zeus: Housing Employees - The company Zeus, funded in 2015 and offering short-term leases for individual apartments, managed to create corporate deals to house employees from companies. I wonder why coliving spaces are not increasingly creating spaces exclusively for certain companies - in my opinion, definitely a trend to be soon witnesses (USA Online).

Incorporating Social Value in Coliving - Written by the Conscious Coliving crew, this article gives concrete examples on how to embed social, economic and environmental impact into the business models of coliving spaces (CCD).

Microsoft Enters RE Game - With its affordable housing initiative, the hardware giant is offering a $60m loan at a below-market interest rate to create affordable housing communities. Will Apple & Co. follow into that footstep, potentially with communal living? From my own chats, I know that the conversations have at least started (Geekwire).

PUSH: Film on Housing Crisis - After a successful Kickstarter campaign, this movie is going to shine light on the ongoing housing crisis in America. PUSH is the work of housing activists exploring the problems and solutions of today's RE world. This is a must (watch trailer).

Venn's New Impact Report - Personally considered as one of the most intentional and high-growth operators, Venn released its new semi-annual impact report. An example for other spaces to follow (LinkedIn).

Book: Shared Urban Futures - A little goldmine, this recently published book explores strategies of collective housing. I just ordered it and it's next on my reading list (Phillip Molter).


Coliving Capital Summit
Oct 21, New York (register)

#colivingmeetup London
Oct 22, London (RSVP here)

Class of 2020 Conference*
Nov 6-7, Berlin (register)

MIPIM Proptech
Nov 12-13, NYC (register)

A Lense for NYC's Housing Plan
Oct 21, New York (register)

Community in Coliving
Oct 31, London (Facebook)

#colivingmeetup Paris
Nov 7 (respond to attend)

Coworking Europe
Nov 13-15, Warsaw (register)

*For the Class of 2020, use COLIVING2020 to receive a 20% discount (limited to 20 two-day spots).


Coliving Hub Mastermind - From January 10-12, Coliving Hub is hosting a two-day mastermind session for coliving operators. On the menu: workshops on community building, space design, and best practice sharing rounds (apply here).

Co-Liv Israel Learning Exhibition - On November 22/23, Co-Liv is hosting a two-day learning expedition in Tel Aviv and Aifa. Gathering 20 coliving operators, the trip will include visiting local coliving spaces (Venn, Communit), exchange with key stake holders (municipality, investors), and visit several Kibbutz to understand true community building (read more here).

"Hospitality, in its purest essence, means truly caring about people."

- Dan Beaumont, founder & CEO of Podstel

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In coliving spirit.
- Gui

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