Coliving Cocktail #37

Hi all,

Hope you're having a great end of July! 🙌

This newsletter is rather short but had to go out: the content and initiatives mentioned are a must-go for any coliving enthusiast.

Enjoy the slurp and have a great read! 😋

Some Coliving News

  • Coliving Resources V3 is out! 📚

Last year, I launched with Connor Moore and Co-Liv the world’s largest library of coliving resources, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve just published the Third Edition!

Included in the biggest edition of Coliving Resources to-date: 170+ curated resources for coliving professionals; over 6,500 pages of content, 15 hours of educational videos, & 150 podcast episodes; and the newest category covering “Coliving During & Post Covid”.

If you want to have access to anytype of coliving resource, whether publications, knowledge bases, videos, books, podcasts - all of them sorted by topics and summarized for you - then check out Coliving Resources. It'll help you to become a coliving expert in no time!💪

  • Coliving gets a psychology-based SaaS platform 🧠

I personally know three people and organizations who are currently developing PMS and community building softwares for the coliving ecosystem.

Swedish coliving operator Colive recently decided to turn its own platform into a software. What it promises? Its own ‘tenant-matching technology’ developed by the company’s in-house psychologist and data scientist, using a questionnaire based on personality traits within the application process. Factors it considers include: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness and neuroticism.

The app is called Coly and you can read more about it here.

  • Opportunities for remote work and hospitality 🏡

Peter Fabor, one of my favorite writers in the rural coliving scene, wrote a big article on upcoming opportunities within the remote work sector at the intersection with hospitality.

Among others, he outlines and digs into home swapping, the concept of staycations and the future of towns for remote workers. Definitely worth a read.

  • WeLive is dead 🏴☠️

Yes, you heard it. After running two coliving locations, WeWork has abandoned its coliving schemes. I think this comes for various reasons: it's a distraction from the main business, the vibe went from "intimate coliving" to "hotel" in the last years, and without a visionary founder who wanted to enter every area of one's life, the project doesn't make more sense.

One of the buildings is now being operated by Common, while the other by its own landlord. Read more about it here.

PS: I started listening to the most recently published WeWork book - highly recommend it alongside the newest WeWork documentary - both brilliant content to better understand the growth and fall of WeWork (and of its communities).

This Wednesday: Coliving Technology Workshop

After building up a dedicated community for technology enthusiasts within Co-Liv, the first tech community workshop has arrived!

If you're a property owner or manager, join this Technology Workshop and learn how cloud video surveillance helps coliving communities better protect, manage, and optimize the use of their spaces.

Among others, you will learn how to reap the benefits of cloud-based video surveillance, ensure GDPR compliance, and maintain the privacy rights of coliving residents.

  • When: July 28th, 2021, 3.30pm CEST
  • Duration: 1.5h to 2h
  • ● Price: It's free - to celebrate the launch of the Co-Liv Tech Community, we're opening this workshop to everyone and it won't be limited to members only!

Please make sure to RSVP!


PS: There will be more workshops happening on other technology topics. Also, if you want me to promote more events happening within the coliving scene, let me know and I can incorporate them into the Coliving Cocktail!

Exclusive: the Co-Liv Retreat

For almost a year, myself and others at Co-Liv had the idea to create a coliving space. But it'd be a special experience: only dedicated to coliving professionals.

And now, the Co-Liv Retreat is finally happening!

In November 2021, a few dozen hand-picked coliving professionals will get together for a week to exchange, learn from each other, create new partnerships and friendships.

What you can expect?

  • Meet the most incredible people, who will become your friends, peers and potential future business partners.
  • Learn from other people’s experiences and exchange on latest industry knowledge.
  • ● Participate in dedicated events and mastermind to get the boost that your business deserves.

The retreat itself will be facilitated by the Co-Liv team (and rest assured, I'll be there)! And of course, it'll be in a beautiful, sunny locations, away from home and into paradise 😋

You can now join the waiting list and apply to be part of the first coliving retreat dedicated to those who shape the future of living:


PS: Does your company want to be involved? We are still open for sponsors and partners. Reply to this email for further info ✍️

Some Personal Updates

The last weeks have been really heads-down with two objectives: freeing myself time by creating structure within Co-Liv and finishing the Art of Coliving book! 🙌

I've also been blessed to spend time with my family hiking barefoot in the alps - and leading a meditation session for my entire family, including my grandpa! The world is definitely changing...

Trips also included a little retreat with a few Co-Liv friends in Sardinia and visiting some folks in Paris. Plus, I started working with Circles.House as consultant and advisor. They are building out the future of nomadic living and are about to launch their own crowdequity campaign!

Then I hired a magician to teach me magic tricks 🪄 I know, it's not helping me with freeing time, but maybe I can combine magic with my book launch... 🤣

Finally, I've been exploring the topics of addiction and childhood traumas. Highly recommend the work done by Gabor Mate, especially his newest documentary "The Wisdom of Trauma" and his podcast with Tim Ferriss.

Oh, and here is my song of the day for you 🥰

With that, wishing you an amazing week ahead,


PS: If you have any thoughts on what you just read, please share them with me. And if someone forwarded you this email, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

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