Coliving Cocktail #35

Hi all,

Today, I posted an article on LinkedIn called "How to Understand Coliving, the Bitcoin of Real Estate".

Why did I call it this way?

Because if you knew “coliving” five years back, you were probably part of the 1% who are part of the coliving industry today.

Even two years ago, coliving was nothing.

80% of press articles mentioning coliving have been written since 2019. LinkedIn posts with #coliving grew by 1200% during that time.

Since 2019, the industry matured: an entire ecosystem of operators, developers, consultants, investors, and service providers have specialized in the coliving niche. At the same time, support organizations have enabled this ecosystem to foster more rapidly, from coliving media over to industry awards, global (virtual) summits, and local lobbying organizations.

The growth of the coliving phenomena has taken over the real estate trends list. The movement is entering a rapid growth phase and many are trying to understand what coliving truly means.

Coliving could be called the "bitcoin of real estate" - it's a trend that is rapidly growing, where everyone is excited about and yet almost no one understands the full picture.

At Co-Liv, the global association of coliving professionals, we’ve experienced that growth too. Our members increased 350% since mid-2019, our newsletter subscribers quadrupled, and our inner circle team went from 4 to 45 active members, who mostly form part of the executive team or are an official Co-Liv ambassador in their country of activity. There's no doubt that coliving will continue to increase.

It is in that context that we are bringing light to the coliving movement with the upcoming Co-Liv Summit, the major 2-day event that will bring the entire coliving industry together.

With 70+ speakers and 500 expected attendees, the worldwide community of coliving professionals will gather to exchange, learn and connect at the Co-Liv Summit.

Why are we hosting this event? Here are the top three reasons.

#1 - Sharing Valuable Knowledge to Coliving Professionals

We know that most people still have unanswered questions:

Investors ask what the expected return on coliving assets can be. Operators ask what type of services to offer and how to differentiate their brands. Developers ask how to get city permits and planning permissions.

Community managers ask how to responsibilize residents. Marketing leads ask how to best attract and vet future residents. And city planning officials ask what the intrinsic value of coliving spaces can be.

This is why we are bringing the key actors of the coliving movement together. By attending the Co-Liv Summit, you will be able to gain knowledge in the following areas:

💵 Investing Into Coliving: criteria and success stories

🏡 Community Building: best practices from leading community builders

✍️ Spatial and Interior Design for community, wellbeing, and sustainability

📈 The Coliving Business Models: understanding the main differences

🏨 Converting Hotels to Coliving: how to readapt the hotel industry in 2021

💡 The Future of Technology: industry solutions and future opportunities

🌎 Overview of Coliving Industry: investment overview of today’s industry

🤝 The Future of Human Connection: how culture is changing our behaviors

⚖️ Affordability in Coliving: how to create social impact-driven concepts

📘 Coliving Public Policy: working with city governments

For example, we're excited to bring together two of the brightest entrepreneurs to a roundtable, sharing their deep knowledge around how to build, scale, and expand a coliving company:

We're also bringing together some of the leading institutional players, who will share the state of the current coliving industry and their perspective on its growth:

Next, we're going to talk about business models and analyze the differences between business models, pros and cons, and learn from those who have operated both:

And, we're going to let the entrepreneurs speak on how they raised finances for their coliving business. Beyond that, we'll also discuss some of the successful merger strategies.

And these are just 4 out of 30+ talks that will happen during the event!

You can see the entire schedule by click on it below 👇

In short: your brain will be on fire 🔥

#2 - Creating Valuable Connections

At Co-Liv, we are a community. And community means caring about each other, helping each other, and connecting to each other.

This is why we always host speed-networking sessions, in which participants are able to meet their future partners, services providers, and peers along the coliving journey. In fact, we already hosted our first pre-networking session last Monday, which was tremendous.

During the Co-Liv Summit, we are going to host a dozen of networking sessions across the two days, which will leave everyone with valuable new (and real) connections.

These networking sessions are literally one of the highest values that one can dream of. No other events focusses that much on creating professional and personal connections between industry peers as we do. And for every attendee, these sessions are often the #1 highlight!

In short: we are bringing together the entire coliving industry.

And you should be there, too - this opportunity happens only once a year!

#3 - Shining Light on Industry Innovators

The last main reason why we are creating the Co-Liv Summit is because coliving needs a direction.

We at Co-Liv believe in the social value that coliving can have.

Coliving is a means to housing affordability. Coliving is a means to reducing loneliness in cities. Coliving is a means to offering more qualitative living environments than traditional housing. And coliving can, in its most evolved form, be a school of life.

This is why we are very excited to host the Coliving Awards ceremony at the Co-Liv Summit, which is the first ceremony that will highlight key innovators in the industry.

The Coliving Awards is the first award ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.

As our vision and initiatives are very aligned with those of Coliving Awards, we are partnering up with them to showcase the innovations within the sector as well as push for impact and value driven coliving business, communities and experiences.

We can’t wait to host the Coliving Awards during the Co-Liv Summit and being included in a special edition of Coliving Insights that will highlight the winners, partners, jury panel and wider contributors of the Co-Liv Summit and the Coliving Awards.

And, on top of that, high-level keynotes will have experts and innovators share their vision of coliving, where the movement is heading and what you can do today.

Important: 3 Days Left to Join the Co-Liv Summit!

The Co-Liv Summit starts this Wednesday May 5th, which is literally around the corner!

Important: Ticket sales end on Tuesday night!

Attend the event, learn from experts, meet your business partners, and understand the reality behind the "bitcoin of real estate"!

The time to jump into the coliving movement is now 👉 get your ticket today at!



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