Why Co-living? Let Maslow tell you.

The majority of people don’t understand the true value of co-living. That’s because co-living is still a recent phenomena, and most of us have never lived in a co-living space. But that’d about to change in the next decade.

Apart of the apparent easiness for digital nomads and communal support, when looking deeper one realises that co-living can bring value on almost every level of human needs.

We all crave for something. Some crave for financial stability. Others for community. Others for self-actualisation.

And co-living has the ability to satisfy all of them.

Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, once analysed in a 1943 published paper the human needs and prioritised them between survival needs (lowest) and self-actualisation needs (highest).

For those who forgot, Maslow’s pyramid of needs prioritises the human needs based on importance.

When one lives within an intentional co-living space, meaning a co-living space that is thought through and cares about the human experience that one will have, all level of needs can be satisfied.

Let’s get concrete and show how Evolve, our co-living space in Bali dedicated to personal growth, tries to meet all those needs.

The Fundamental Physiological Needs

Physiological need are all about basic securities. Living within a co-living spaces assures those at its core.

For example, it gives you a shelter and bed (which quality at our place surpasses any basic needs per se). Our place also offers residents a private bathroom, provides residents with water and includes unlimited fruits, and even offers a community to potentially meet life partners to fulfil the need of reproduction.

The Necessary Safety Need

Safety and security needs are the next level beyond pure survival. Those are are all about maintaining basic health, having a family support system to fall back onto, and securing social acceptance.

When living in a co-living space, especially one that is promoting self-care and conscious development, residents take care of their health through conscious eating and daily work outs. Our space for example also offers daily fruit delivery and a 20 meter long swimming pool to exercise.

Moreover, we offer a supportive environment, including a loving community and weekly intention setting ceremonies, to support residents on their professional journey (and hence helping with financial security).

Lastly, being surrounded by other location independent people gives you a feeling of social stability in your social environment.

Our swimming pool and outside event area 😎

The Third Step — Love and Belonging

We’re all social animals. And we’re all emotional. Once we take care of ourselves, we crave for connection, depth, and human love. And that is what the third level of needs is all about.

At our space, we insure that residents have similar values through our onboarding process, which increases the potential for friendships.

Also, every member can find a sense of belonging and familiarity with the extended Evolve community, currently above 50+ people, which is built through on-site events.

And lastly, values such as unconditional love and zone of no judgment gives a frame for intimacy.

Our tribe at the opening ceremony of Evolve 🎉

Then Comes Personal Self-esteem

Being able to fulfil one’s life mission implies having the feeling of empowerment to do so. That is what is called self-esteem.

Co-living spaces can both create and enhance this feeling. For example, as part of the house, our goal is to help every member to reach their personal intentions, hence growing their self-esteem.

Among others, we also host a tons of workshops and skill-sharing events that will increase your capabilities and promote yourself as the person you want to be.

And Lastly — Self-actualisation

Self-actualisation is the highest needs of all of us who can afford it. And it also is the main purpose of Evolve, putting all efforts into helping you becoming the self you want to be.

How do we do help people reaching personal alignment?

By being a zone of total acceptance and non-judgment. By prioritising and knowing each other’s intentions throughout your stay, so that we can support you on your journey. By allowing you to take initiative in the house, making doocracy one of our main values. By creating a conscious and moral environment through promoting integrity within the physical space and the people that being to it. And by taking care of all of your lower needs, and hence putting you in a state of flow and spontaneity.

Starting the day with clear intentions and following your needs — that’s how we promote self-actualisation.

The future of co-living is one in which every house is able to offer an extension of not only our basic needs, but our human needs as well.

Let us hence promote intentional co-living (read this), community building, and personal empowerment to all reach the levels of self-actualisation that we truly deserve.


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