Major Coliving News & Media Outlets (March 2019)

Coliving just recently became the hottest real estate trend according to PWC. That's great news - well, if you find the news in the first place. So what's up with that - how do you easily find coliving news?

I highly believe that commercial coliving is a new phenomenon and that knowledge will be required to be part of the coliving era. Those who will ride the rave will be those who understand the trend and find the weak spots behind the complexity of running coliving spaces.

I compiled below the main news sources that I use internally to curated content for my weekly Coliving Cocktail newsletter.

If you don't want to do the digging yourself, let me send you a weekly summary of what's going on in the coliving world - but if you're curious to dig deeper, those will be the to-go resources for your journey.

Top News Aggregators

The ones below are the creating news, but accumulating and sharing them. They will be your shortcut for finding relevant information out there.

  1. Coliving Cocktail (yes, that's me) - a weekly newsletter that brings you a summary of coliving news directly into your mailbox.
  2. Coliving News (Twitter) - founded by Daniel Beck from - shares the most recent coliving news through his Twitter but also his LinkedIn and Facebook account. And there are many!
  3. Co-Liv's Newsletter - as the leading coliving organization, Co-Liv sends out monthly updates with the most relevant news in the coliving industry
  4. Conscious Coliving's Newsletter - the leading consulting agency shares their own news aggregation around coliving, especially with a focus on community building and sustainability
  5. Gui's Twitter List on coliving experts - we use it internally to track down the more private news.
  6. Nodesk (outdated) created a curated mix of articles on coliving, yet hasn't been active recently.
  7. KIN (not live yet - and not sure whether they'll ever be soon) - a monthly coliving newsletter that (unfortunately) hasn't launched since they published their coliving study.

You can also create your own news alerts on Google and get notified for specific keywords.

Top Coliving Content Creators

I ranked the news outlet by order of relevance, depth and quantity of information shared - start with the first ones and dig deeper the more you want to learn about coliving!

These top four alone create around 80% of the content and thought provocation.

  1. Qwerky's Medium produces very high-quality content and keeps on pushing and exploring the concept of coliving. Definitely the best place to start!
  2. The Communal Living Issue has been recently launched by Curbed with the aim to promote coliving and reduce loneliness. This is one magazine to look forward to.
  3. Dezeen's Coliving Blog - explores the intersection of design and architecture in coliving.

And now those that fill up the other 20% (with some golden nuggets in there).

  • PureHouse Labs (now Co-liv) curated a dope Pinterest wall of news articles
  • With Coliving Diaries I'm sharing insights and updates on trends in the coliving scene, including (soon to come) interviews, opinions and expert guest posts
  • All Things Coliving - the Medium platform of Christine McDannell, who runs the Kindred Quarter coliving spaces and the coliving management software
  •'s Blog wrote a dozen of articles all around coliving
  • Archdaily is one of the most popular sites for architects, and they've written in-depth pieces among others on the sociology of coliving
  • LifeEdited has been writing mostly about micro-housing, but also a couple of times on coliving

Top Coliving Podcast

While I'm thinking about launching a podcast on coliving (the objective would be to dismantle coliving knowledge à la Tim Ferriss), there are currently four podcasts definitely worth listening to.

  1. The Coliving Code Show (50+ episodes) is run by Christine McDannell who interviews not only coliving operators, but also other coliving players such as investors and real estate owners. You can also find it on iTunes.
  2. The Dislocation Podcast explores the way in which technology changes the way in which assets are planned, designed, financed, built, marketed, and operated.
  3. Change Order is a recently launched podcast portraying innovation trends in housing.
  4. The IMAGINE Podcast (4 episodes) explores "the brave new world of shared living". Founded by Space10 coliving in Denmark, it questions coliving and tackles the subject from different corners.

That is it for now - enjoy the browsing!

Any Key Resource You'd Add?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or tagging me on Twitter @colivingdiaries with your personal favorite.


I'm Gui, a coliving operator, facilitator, and industry builder with one mission: to make coliving the best experience one can have.

I founded Art of Co, a global resource platform and consultancy to create transformative coliving spaces, wrote the 📘 Art of Coliving book , and am the director of Co-Liv, the global association of coliving professionals. Come engage with other passionate coliving builders in my 👉 Telegram community or join the 👉 Coliving Cocktail newsletter, where I send out recaps of everything that happens within the coliving world!

PS: Need help to create state-of-the-art coliving experiences? Write me an email here or contact me on LinkedIn 💥

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